About Boxfit

Boxfit consist of a variety of bodyweight exercises mixed with cardio boxing.

cardio boxing bags

Cardio Boxing

Cardio boxing against bags. No class involves sparring or the physical hitting of an opponent.

body weight exercise


Strength training for all major muscle groups and get your full body workout in every session.

boxfit bootcamp


Fitness, running, skipping or interval training, you can expect any type of exercise at Boxfit.

Boxfit Requirements

Boxing gloves
Full padded gloves that offers maximum protection to enable you to punch on your hardest without getting hurt.

Water bottle
Just losing 2% of your body weight in fluid can decrease performance by up to 25%. Water breaks are provided frequently.

Sweat towel
If you’re missing a towel, you’re more likely to use your hands to wipe sweat away which can, in turn, spread bacteria.

boxfit requirements

Group Classes

Men & Women

Monday (5am – 6am)

Wednesday (5am – 6am)

Women Only

Monday (7:45am-8:45am)

Tuesday (7:45am-8:45am)

Wednesday (7:45am-8:45am)

Thursday (7:45am-8:45am)

Friday (7:45am-8:45am)


Book your free Boxfit session.

We are situated on the corner of York Street and Langenhoven Road in George, Western Cape.

Boxfit classes are held at the same premises as Scorpions Martial Arts Academy & Brothers Combat Institute.

Personal 1 on 1 training also available.

Create your own group – minimum requirements are 4 people.

Robert – Whatsapp

(076) 150 63 64

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